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For the five years of the agency's work, we have 38 clients. We have also done projects for World Сlass, SkyEng, I AM STUDIO, RealCar, ProBall, PlatformaLP, MY812
Increase in sales of piece season tickets by 6.5 times.
Geo-campaigns in Google with multi-landings throughout Moscow, for more convenient registration of a client in gyms, swimming pools and yoga
Payment for classes after integrations with bloggers
Remarketing and retention in coming to test lessons and the first payment after video postings from bloggers
Increase in the number of subscribers of the @iamstudio page from 140 to 530 thousand, verification
Strategy and implementation of integrated Internet marketing, through updating the design of the online store, contextual, targeted advertising and e-mail marketing
Increase sales by 4 times during a pandemic
Reformatting business processes for offline, changing logistics and increasing sales of the online store by 4 times, while maintaining the volume of purchases after the removal of the pandemic restrictions
Monthly increase in paid users
Activation of users during the trial period, through contextual advertising, support until the first subscription is paid
Reducing the cost of a lead by 70% in the first 3 months of work. Increase in the number of orders by 40%.
Development and launch of advertising in social networks for a client from the USA, e-mail marketing
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ИП Ларин Илья Андреевич
Care of marketing agency
The agency was established in 2016.

At the junction of two industries, digital and engineering.
The main clients were and remain both multi-brand retail, large retail chains (b2x) and representatives of the real sector - construction and engineering companies (b2b).

The boutique approach has been the core value of the brand since its inception.
Having a good understanding of the realities of the current Internet marketing market, in particular its "streaming" approach, "filling" a huge number of leads, targeting LTV in 2-3 months and similar trends, we adhere to the principles of partnership, striving to keep the bar of active contracts at 70% load, so as not to diminish the quality of service, the involvement of customers in the business and the daily result.

Until the beginning of 2020, our path of development went through word of mouth, some clients recommended us to others, and so it was for 3 years in a row. In 2020, we decided to expand our markets of presence and the number of partners.

Guided by the principle of a caring and attentive approach to each client and every detail of his business, we methodically build new relationships with partners who are inclined to work "for a long time" like us.

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